Refund & Delivery Policy


    1.1 If You paid for the New Wall Bracket during the appointment booking process but during delivery Your existing wall bracket is able to be used, We will take back the new wall bracket and issue a refund to You. But in any case, You do not agree to return the new wall bracket, We reserve the right to not issue a refund to you.

    1.2 The new wall bracket must be returned unused with the original packaging.

    1.3 If You paid for the installation service during the appointment booking process but during the delivery We did not fulfill the service by installing it for you, We will issue a refund to you upon checking.

    1.4 If You paid for the installation service during the appointment booking process but during the delivery You decided to change your mind, We will issue a refund to you upon checking. Any change of mind after signing the Delivery Order will not be entertained.

    1.5 We will aim to process Your refund as soon as possible but will do so within 5 (five) working days of You informing us of the situation as such in Clauses 1.1 to 1.4.


    All delivery of goods are free of charge. However, if there is any installation service required by You, there will be additional charges based on the service you need.


    3.1 We provided in-home delivery which means we deliver the goods to the delivery address and then carry the goods into the Your house even for high-rise premises. Please note that there is no extra charge for in-home delivery.

    3.2 Our delivery agent will request for a 6-digit TAC number and the last 6-digit of Your Identity Card (IC). If someone is collecting on behalf, You must give these verification details to the receiver.

    3.3 We will help You to open the box and take out the goods from the box to ensure that all goods are delivered without any physical damage. We will take a photo of the delivered goods at your premise as proof of delivery completion.

    3.4 We will help You to do basic checking for the goods. The basic checking includes turning the power on to make sure the goods are functional and to check the screen to ensure that there is no physical damage such as crack or screen faulty. You are not allowed to receive the goods if either one of these happens to the goods.

    3.5 After checking, We will install (if any) based on Your preferred choice given to us during appointment making of delivery.

    3.6 You are required to sign the Delivery Order (DO) to ensure that goods are received and it is received in good condition.

    3.7 Signing the Delivery Order (DO) represents that all goods are accepted in good condition. You must not sign the Delivery Order (DO) if power is not able to turn on or the screen is found faulty.

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