Delivery Terms and Conditionss

  1. Your goods will only be delivered after you have successfully made an appointment through our appointment link.
  2. The appointed delivery agent will obtain the last 6 digits of your Identification Card (NRIC) for verification purposes.
  3. The appointed delivery agent will request for TAC code to complete the verification process. TAC code will be given to you after completion of appointment booking.
  4. If your family members represent you to receive the device, kindly share the TAC code and your IC number to your family members to do verification with the appointed delivery agent.
  5. We provide in-home delivery service. The appointed delivery agent will deliver and carry the goods into your premises.
  6. The appointed delivery agent will assist to unbox the goods. Please ensure the goods are in good condition, without physical damage. We will take a photo of the delivered goods at your premise as proof of delivery completion.
  7. The appointed delivery agent will assist with the basic checking, including turning on the device to check the power and screen.
  8. You are requested to sign the delivery order after validating the device is in good working condition and without any damage.
  9. Please DO NOT sign the delivery order or accept the TV, should you notice any physical damage or TV is not functioning i.e. can’t turn it on etc.

For assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us via:

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Phone :
+6012 - 9696 305